What is the summary for Part 2, Chapter 14 of The Underdogs?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Demetrio and his men elbow their way onto a train.  The train is packed, but they rudely find seats.  Some of their women even occupy "two or three seats with baggage, dogs, cats, and parrots".  A heavy woman, who had stood all the way from Irapuato with a child, collapses.  A civilian grabs the child, and others pretend not to notice.  Some of the soldiers laugh at "the heavy thighs and pendulous breasts of the woman who fainted".

One old woman goes from passenger to passenger, wailing that her suitcase has been stolen and that she does not have anything left with which to feed her little boy.  People "shower money on her", a bill at a time.  Her plight triggers a conversation among the soldiers about stealing.  Guero thinks that is is not wrong to kill, because "when you kill, it's always out of anger", and that stealing is worse.

When the group arrives at Aguascalientes, they find the city in squalor.  The streets have 'been turned into refuse piles", and a man stands on the corner selling prayers on handbills and other supposedly medicinal items.  Demetrio goes to visit Natera, who tells him the fighting isn't over yet, now "it's Villa against Carranza".  Natera asks Demetrio his opinion on the matter, but Demetrio shrugs, understanding only that "the meat of the matter is that (they've) got to go on fighting".  When Natera then asks Demetrio on which side he will fight, Demetrio responds that it does not matter; Natera should just gell him what to do and he will do it (Part 2, Chapter 14).