What is the summary for Part 2, Chapter 11 of The Underdogs?

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Early the next morning Demetrio's group left for Tepatitlan.  They were to head to Cuquio from there, and then they would head to the sierra.  "They thought of the mountains as of a most desirable mistress long since unvisited."  All they could do was think of the mountains as they made their way across the torturous plains.

Money was apparently becoming an issue for Luis.  He suggested to stop on the way to pick up more loot.  As they continued to grow and recruit more men, they were spending more of their money "in advance loans and gratuities."

As they rode, Luis discussed his deal with Quail.  He placed four "double-face bills of Villa's issue" in Quail's hand for his loot which contained a watch, some rings, and other desired goods.

The man who Blondie had taken prisoner had fallen in the street as they dragged on.  Blondie taunted his prisoner and then struck him several times with his sword.  The man did not move again.  Once again Blondie had shown his murderous nature with his sick smile.

The group entered Tepatitlan.  The soldiers went looting for whatever they could find.  As they relaxed into the afternoon, an old widower came begging for his corn that had been taken from him.  The man pled his case to Demetrio, Camilla and Luis.  Through Camilla's sincerity, he received his corn back.  He praised them, thanking them over and over and kissed their hands to show his gratitude.

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