What is the summary for Part 1, Chapter 9 of The Underdogs?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Two neighbor women, Pachita and Fortunata, enter the hut where Demetrio lies wounded and Remigia works, pounding corn for tortillas.  Their primary reason for coming is to gossip, and they talk awhile about Maria Antonia, who has "got the curse today", and Uncle Matias's girl who had purportedly gotten pregnant by a soldier and has just had her baby.  Fortunata asks how Demetrio is doing, and Remigia indicates that he is sleeping, but it is not long before the women's talk awakens the General.  Pachita takes "a nearly smothered, gasping, young pigeon" from her blouse, and approaches Demetrio where he lies, telling him that she has brought it for him; "there's nothing like it in the world for hemorrhages and suchlike".  Demetrio gives his consent to her offer of treatment, since he still feverish inside.  Remigia takes the pigeon, makes the sign of the cross, and kills it, placing "the warm bleeding portions of the pigeon on Demetrio's abdomen".  Demetrio lies still on his side as she instructs.

Fortunata then "(gives) vent to her sorrows", going into "minute detail" about her appreciation for "these gentlemen of the revolution", and how three months ago, Government soldiers had run away with her only daughter and had broken her heart.  She prays fervently that God and the Virgin Mary not "spare the life of a single one of (the) Federals from hell".  During her tirade, Demetrio lies with his face to the wall, "greatly relieved by the stomach cure", and thinking about "the best route by which to proceed to Durango" (Part 1, Chapter 9).