What is the summary for Part 1, Chapter 6 of The Underdogs?

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Luis Cervantes laid down to sleep while in captivity of Demetrio and his men.  Although completely exhausted, he couldn't sleep.  His mind raced with how he'd come this far in the battle.  The scene flashes back to his first day. 

As the soldiers marched on that first day, he realized that he wasn't cut out for this type of lifestyle.  He was so sore all over that when the time came for battle, he and his horse galloped away at the first sound of fire.  He hid behind the rocks to not only hide but to sleep.

The next morning after he had fled, he was found by his colonel.  Luis became the laughing stock of the officers.  His colonel beat him and then assigned him to kitchen duty.  As he was the object of cruelty from the other officers, Luis made up his mind that he would play turncoat.  He began to talk with some of the other soldiers who did not want to be there, either, who did not agree with what they were doing. 

Several other soldiers admitted their frustration with the upper classes and their superiors.  So Luis decides to run to join his "coreligionists" only to find that they didn't want him.  Instead they threw him into a pigsty, guarded by the fierce Pancracio and the scary Manteca.  Soon they would figure out what to do with him.

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