What is the summary for Part 1, Chapter 4 of The Underdogs?

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Demetrio has just recently been shot, and the men find that both Serapio and Antonio have gone missing. The soldiers had retreated, and Demetrio begins searching for the horses that the soldiers had hidden in the sierra. As they begin their journey back, Quail shrieks as he comes upon the two missing men.  They are both hanging from tree branches.

Because of the two dead men, the group decides to continue quickly without resting until nightfall. Demetrio can no longer ride horseback because of his injuries and must be carried on a makeshift stretcher the rest of the way. 

They walk a long way, taking turns caring their chief, and come upon some mountaineers' huts. They are fed well at these huts and learn what the soldiers have been doing to the other huts along the way. They steal the pigs, chicken and corn, burn down the huts, and then they take the women with them. Any men the soldiers catch are killed.

As they continue their journey, Demetrio makes them stop at a group of huts and he asks for water.  The people there help him and he is given some bluish water to drink.  He drinks two helpings of that and then faints.  His fever is too much for him.  Remiga, an old woman, takes him into her hut to care for him.  She offers all she has for food to the men and tells them she had more, but the soldiers took it all.  As the scene closes, she tells Anastasio that they even took Senora Nieves' little girl.

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