What is the summary for Part 1, Chapter 20 of The Underdogs?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The rebels' spirits are lifted with news that General Pancho Villa is coming.  Villa's reputation is legendary; he has been called the "Mexican Napoleon" and the "Aztec Eagle, who has buried his beak of steel in the head of Huerta the serpent".  Natera's men especially can talk of nothing else besides the General's conquests at Ciudad Juarez, Teirra Blanca, Chihuahua, and Torreon.  In their accounts, the "bare facts" mean nothing; what really stays in their minds are the vastly exaggerated stories of Villa's greatness, making him godlike, larger than life.  Villa is portrayed as a Robin Hood-like figure, who "robs from the rich (to) give to the poor"; "it is the poor who (build) up a legend about him which Time (will) embellish as a shining example from generation to generation". 

Demetrio's rebels are mesmerized by the tales told by Natera's band.  They portray Pancho Villa's troops as "all northerners...dressed like lords with...Texas hats...and four-dollar shoes, imported from the U.S.A."  Natera's men say that Villa has his own airplanes, and in each plane is "an American fellow" who drops hand grenades on the enemy.  The tales get wilder and wilder, until Montanez asks if Natera's men have ever "fought side by side with Villa".  As it turns out, "all this high praise (is) hearsay and...not a single man in Natera's army (has) ever laid eyes on Villa" (Chapter 20).