What is the summary for Part 1, Chapter 17 of The Underdogs?

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troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The workman joined Demetrio's men as they made their way to the alley and then to the back of the church.  The men scaled the rear wall of the chapel and halted.  On Demetrio's command twenty bombs went off at once.  The soldiers were taken by surprise.  Before they could react, another twenty bombs exploded once more, killing or maiming some of the soldiers in its wake.  The workman who had helped Demetrio and his men begs for them to find his brother before killing any more, but Demetrio's men continue to plunder the soldiers.

Luis announces that they are out of bombs and that their guns are back at the corral.  His fear only encourages Demetrio.  Demetrio and his men smile as they pull out their long knives.  Luis points out the old Indian who indeed was a spy and lied to them about the few number of soldiers.  He was in there with the soldiers.  Although he begs for his life, Demetrio kills him.  Pancracio at that point was fighting with the workman's brother.  The workman shouted to halt, but it was too late.  Pancracio killed him.  Quail finds the young captain next, and at his signal, Pancracio attacks and pushes the captain over the edge of the corridor.  Quail is a bit upset that they couldn't get at the captain's shoes. They all began stripping the well-clad soldiers of their belongings to take for their own.