What is the summary for Part 1, Chapter 16 of The Underdogs?

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troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

They began their progress again at midnight to take the soldiers by surprise before light. Making their way into town, they knock on the door of a hut.  A man came out and answered some questions though he wasn't happy to do it.  He was worried that it would get him into trouble.  he led them to the soldiers' barracks and informed them that their numbers where a lot greater than the dozen that the old Indian had told them about.

As they made their way into the town, closer to the barracks, a fusillade of shots rang out at Demetrio and his men.  Owl was hit and Demetrio's horse was hit as well.  The men all quickly retreated along the walls of the houses.

A workman leaned out of his door and explained to them that the men shooting are really just townsmen who were drafted as soldiers.  They are just shooting at anything and most would join Demetrio.  The workman claims that his brother is in with the soldiers and when they get close, he'll signal to his brother.

The young captain in charge of the soldiers is informed of where Demetrio's men are hiding, and he sends his lieutenant to go capture them, dead or alive.  The captain then began obsessing about his future promotion from capturing all of these men when a large explosion ends the scene.