What is the summary for Part 1, Chapter 12 of The Underdogs?

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troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Anastasio sits down next to Luis and begins explaining his life before the revolution.  As he talks, Manteca has just won a hand of cards against Pancracio.  Manteca pulls out a 20 cent silver coin and places it down on the card in front of him.  He taunts Pancracio into gambling some more and jingles his belt.  The silver coins rang loudly as they were shaken together.  A small altercation arrises during their game, but after a handful of insults, they decide to make peace.  Meanwhile, a stir of dust is heading their way.

The men mount their horses looking forward to battle against the soldiers, only to find a couple of Indians driving a few burros.  The Indians inform them that the Federal troops had forfeited the hills in Zacatecas.  Huerta will need their help in the fight, so they plan to move soon. Luis offers to go with them to help in the fight, but they still don't count him as one of their own.  They blankly stare at him after his suggestion of going with them.

Demetrio sees this and calls Luis over to talk about whether he should join them or not.  He calls for a couple drinks so he can tell Luis his tale of why he became a rebel.