What is the summary for Part 1, Chapter 11 of The Underdogs?

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Camilla follows Luis around full of admiration.  She has taken to him since he arrived, and he does not want her as she obviously wants him.  She tells him that she'd like to tell him something and he rudely asks her what she wants.  It is apparent that he is annoyed with her.  He only goes to her hut to care for his foot, and when he finished working on his foot, he turned to find that she had disappeared.  She was not seen for three days.

When Camilla returns again, she is more eager to please him than ever.  She tries singing to him and getting him to join in with her.  Her voice grates on his nerves. 

She then tells him how Demetrio is really a wicked man and that he grabs her when she takes him his food.  She is looking for sympathy and for him to rescue her from Demetrio.  Luis only laughs at her and her story.  He calls her a fool and asks her what she's waiting for if the chief wants her.  She is repulsed at his suggestion.  Again, he's broken her heart, and she once again runs away.

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