What is the summary for Part 1, Chapter 1 of The Underdogs?

Expert Answers
troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The scene opens with a man identified as Demetrio, a woman, and a child in a hut.  The woman hears horses' hooves beating the ground, and the bark of their dog only proves that someone is coming.  They are worried about it being a soldier.  The man sneaks out into the night as the two soldiers approach on horseback.  One of the men shoots their barking dog.  Once they get up to the hut, they question the woman and disrespectfully demand food and drink. 

The lieutenant seems to be quite drunk and both men want to know where they are.  When she reveals they are in Limon, they mention the name Demetrio Macias.  They seem to know that Demetrio the bandit lives in this area, and they show some respect for his name. 

The Lieutenant hints at wanting to have the woman for himself.  He even tells the sergeant to make their breakfast while he takes her into the hut. At this point, Demetrio steps into sight.  Although the woman begs for him to shoot the soldiers, Demetrio lets them go.  He has a feeling that more are coming and it would only anger them more if he killed to soldiers.  He then demands her to take the child and go to Father's house.  After she's in the distance, he climbs the mountain and looks back to see a fireball where his house used to be.