What is a summary for chapters 16, 17, and 18 of "Lyddie"?

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Chapter 16. Lyddie buys new clothes and books for Rachel, spending more than two weeks’ salary. One night, Marsden makes Lyddie stay after work and puts his arms around her. She kicks him and runs from him. She becomes sick and suffers several days with a high fever. Mrs. Bedlow and the other girls take care of her.


Chapter 17. Lyddie recovers from her fever and begins to regain her strength. She is worried about returning to the mill because she fears what Marsden might do, but nothing happens. Rachel begins to work at the mill as a doffer. Rachel develops a bad cough, and when Lyddie wakes up because of it, she worries that she might lose Rachel.

 Chapter 18. Charlie comes to visit. He tells Lyddie that the Phinneys are treating him as if he were their own son and want to take in Rachel as well. Sadly, Rachel agrees to let Rachel go; she knows it will be for the best. Charlie also tells her that the family farm is going to be sold and that the proceeds will go to their uncle. Before he leaves, Charlie gives Lyddie a letter from Luke Stevens. In it, Luke says that his father has bought the farm, and he proposes marriage to her. She is insulted by the proposal, thinking that Luke is suggesting that he can buy her along with the farm. She tears the letter to bits and bursts into tears. 

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 what is a brief summary of chapters 17-20 of the book lyddie ?

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