What is the summary for Chapter 9 of Twilight?

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jessecreations eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Continuing her questions on the way home, Bella asks Edward about the specifics of his mind-reading abilities.  He turns the tables on her, asking for another theory she has about him.  She tells him about Jacob’s story, and about her research about vampires.  Then she surprises him by telling him that she has decided it doesn’t matter what he is, because she still wants to spend time with him.  Without saying the words, he admits that he is a vampire, and then explains to her that most of the myths are untrue.  He also says that he and his family do live off of animal blood rather than humans, but it is like living on tofu instead of steak.

They continue to talk, and Bella admits that she did not care for him being out of town, because she is anxious when he is away.  He feels that this is wrong, that he shouldn’t be dragging her into a relationship when he is a monster and she’s an innocent girl.  She tells him it’s too late, that she’s in all the way whether he likes it or not.  When he drops her off at home, he tells her not to go into the woods alone, since he might not always be the most dangerous thing she would encounter.

Back at home, Bella mulls things over in her mind, coming to three conclusions:  that Edward is a vampire, that he probably wants to drink her blood, and that she is in love with him entirely.