What is the summary for Chapter 9 of Rob Roy?

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The stranger turns out to be Rob Campbell. He testifies that he was with Mr. Morris at the time of the theft (a fact that Morris did not relate). Though he had refused to accompany Morris the evening before, Campbell changed his mind when he met him on the road.

When Campbell was asked why he didn’t assist Morris in fighting off the robbers, Campbell insists he is a man of peace, and does not engage in violence for any cause. Campbell also gives evidence that the robber that Morris identified as Frank was in fact shorter and thicker, and so could not be Frank Osbaldistone. Inglewood thus throws Morris’s declaration into the fire and Frank is released. Campbell leaves Inglewood Place, accompanied by Morris, who seems fearful now of Campbell’s company. Campbell assures him, unconvincingly it seems, that he has nothing to fear.

Inglewood invites Die and Frank to stay for dinner, but Die insists they must return to Osbaldistone Hall to inform Sir Hildebrand of the outcome of Morris’s accusation. On the way, Die defends again her Catholic faith. They run into Jobson, who is returning frim his "life and death" situation, which turns out to be a ruse. Suspecting Die, Jobson implies threats against her because of her Catholic faith. When he gets especially insulting, Frank comes to Die’s defense and warns Jobson that he will defend her honor with violence if need be. Jobson departs, and Die and Frank go on their way.

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