What is the summary for Chapter 9 of The Kite Runner?

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Amir receives lavish gifts for his birthday, including a bicycle and expensive watch from his father.  Although the gifts should have made Amir ecstatic, he finds no joy in them; they "feel like blood money", because Amir knows Baba would never have given them if Amir had not won the tournament.  Of the many other gifts he receives, Amir feels that a simple, leather-bound notebook from Rahim Khan, and a new copy of his favorite book, Shahnamah, given by Ali and Hassan, are the most valuable, because they are given from the heart.

The next morning, Amir takes his watch and "a handful of Afghan bills", and hides them in Hassan's room under his mattress.  He then reports the items missing to his father.  Baba consults with Ali, then calls his old friend and Hassan before him.  When he is asked if he stole the money and the watch, Hassan replies, "Yes".  Amir, stunned, understands that with this "final sacrifice", Hassan is saving him from the disgrace of being exposed as a liar.  Ali tells Baba that he and Hassan are leaving, because "life here is impossible for (them) now", and Amir knows that Hassan has told Ali everything.

Despite Baba's tearful entreaties, Ali stands firm in his resolve.  As the rain falls desolately, Amir watches, sick with guilt, as Baba drives Ali and Hassan to the bus station (Chapter 9).

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