What is the summary for Chapter 9 of Into the Wild?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many parallels between Chris McCandless and another young adventurer who lived in the early 1900s, Everett Ross.  Ross tramped the American Southwest and California, taking his first solo trip when he was only sixteen.  Driven by a "craving for connection with the natural world and...passion for the country through which he walked", Ross, like McCandless, was "heedless of personal safety" and "undeterred by physical discomfort".  Like McCandless, who developed an alterego, "Alexander Supertramp", Ross took on a variety of aliases, which he felt compelled to scrawl at some of the remote sites where he made his temporary homes. 

Ross disappeared in 1935, in the Davis Gulch area in Utah, and his remains were never found.  It is "widely believed that (he) fell to his death while scrambling on one or another canyon wall", but theories abound that he was murdered, or perhaps drowned. 

The similarities between Ross and McCandless are striking.  Both were incurable romantics, who seemed to "like companionship...but (couldn't) stand to be around people for very long".  Both felt driven throughout their short lives "to get (them)selves lost, come back for awhile, then get the hell out again".  Ross and McCandless were different, but they "tried to follow their dream(s)".  Their characters are marked by "courage...reckless innocence, and...urgency of desire" (Chapter 9).