What is the summary for Chapter 8 of Twilight?

Expert Answers
jessecreations eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After school, Bella enjoys her girl’s day out with Jessica and Angela. They go to the nearby town of Port Angeles, which offers more opportunities for shopping than Forks. Since they finish shopping early, Jess and Angela walk down by the bay while Bella goes to look for a bookstore. As she starts to wander the streets, Bella soon realizes that she is headed straight for the bad part of town. She sees a group of four men standing together in an alley, and they begin to follow her. Suddenly, a Volvo appears out of nowhere, with Edward behind the wheel. He tells her to get in, and they drive off. Edward asks Bella to distract him, and they go to find Jessica and Angela. The girls are just leaving the restaurant, so Edward tells them he will take Bella home after he and Bella have dinner.  During the meal, Bella shares with Edward that she notices his eyes change color from black to topaz. She questions him about his apparent ability to read minds, and he answers her by using hypothetical responses to skirt the issue. He then tells her that he followed her to Port Angeles and used his telepathic ability to keep track of her and make sure she was safe. He also tells her that it was hard for him not to kill the men who had been chasing her. When he drives Bella home, Edward tells her that tomorrow it will be his turn to ask the questions, and her turn to answer.