What is the summary for Chapter 8 of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yunior and the family come down to Santo Domingo to claim Oscar’s body.  The family arranges the funeral, but no one else comes.  Beli's cancer finally takes hold while La Inca sells her home and moves back to Bani.  Yunior and Lola do not stay together as a result of his philandering tendencies, so she marries a man in Miami and has a daughter of her own.  Yunior is haunted by dreams of Oscar until he decides to clean up his life.  Yunior decides to teach collge and get married, declaring himself "a new man."  "Learned that from Oscar." 

Now both Yunior and Lola believe in the curse.  In fact, Lola's daughter wears "three azabaches" around her neck:  "the one that Oscar wore as a baby, the one that Lola wore as a baby, and the one that Beli was given by La Inca upon reaching Sanctuary”: powerful magic to keep away the fuku. 

Immediately after Oscar's death, poscards begin to arrive.  Eight months after Oscar’s death, a large package arrives at the house in Paterson, New Jersey.  Two manuscripts are enclosed:  an unfinished space opera called Starscourge and a long letter to Lola.  The letter reveals that Oscar was, in fact, able to spend some time alone with Ybon and that Oscar did lose his virginity to her.  More importantly, the letter explains that another package would be coming with "the cure to what ails us" in regards to the fuku.  That package never comes.

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