What is the summary for Chapter 7 of Twilight?

Expert Answers
jessecreations eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bella falls asleep and dreams of a forest, where Jacob Black tells her to run.  Jacob falls to the ground and then his body seems to be replaced by a wolf.  Edward appears in her dream next, slightly glowing and looking dangerous.  She goes to him against the protests of the wolf, which suddenly lurches toward Edward.  This wakes Bella from her dream, realizing that she cannot avoid her thoughts about Jacob’s story any longer.

Bella goes on the Internet and researches vampires.  She begins to remember the traditional vampire tales about burning in the sun and sleeping in coffins, realizing that this does not work with her image of the Cullens.  She goes for a walk in the woods, and comes to the conclusion that the Cullens may or may not be vampires, but they must be more than human.  Knowing this, she still cannot bring herself to leave Edward; she decides that no matter what, she will continue down the path she has started. 

At school the next day, Mike tries to ask Bella out, but she tells him that she thinks that would hurt Jessica’s feelings, and encourages him to continue to see Jessica instead. Once in the cafeteria, Bella is disheartened to discover that Edward and his siblings are not there.  She moves through the rest of the day sadly. 

The Cullens are once again absent from school the following day, which is uneventful for Bella.  She goes dress shopping with Angela and Jessica after school.