What is the summary for Chapter 7 of Rob Roy?

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The next morning, Frank is bullied into joining the hunt with Sir Hildebrand and cousins. Though they think that he is a dandy and will not stand up to the chase, Frank proves them wrong, since riding is one of his few accomplishments.

Frank and Die ride off a ways, to where Die shows him the border of Scotland, not two hours away. Frank wonders why she is telling him this. Die informs him that it is to provide for his safety.

Frank is confused, until Die asks him about the man he had been traveling with on the way to Osbaldistone Hall. It turns out that he was in the service of the English government, carrying army payroll in his portmanteau. It seems that he was robbed of the money, and he is accusing Frank of the theft. Die informs him that both she and their uncle believe that he is guilty, with the latter intent on turning Frank in to prevent his being seen as housing a Jacobite, thus losing his property.

Frank denies the accusation and wants to acquit himself rather than make a run for the Scottish border. Die tells him that he must go to Squire Inglewood, the local magistrate, who is a secret Jacobite, but has accepted the position in order to preserve the hunt. He is attended by Joseph Jobson, an unscrupulous clerk. Having learned of the people to whom he must plead his case, Frank arrives at Inglewood Place.

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