What is the summary for Chapter 7 of Into the Wild?

Expert Answers
dneshan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Wayne Westerberg and various other people from Carthage, South Dakota reminisce about Chris' final visit with them.  Wayne recalls the four week stay as a time when Chris did odd jobs that no one else could handle while he prepared for his Alaskan adventure.  He was described by Wayne as a hard-worker who did his job yet lacked common sense -- a possible tragic flaw.  Wayne's girlfriend and mother also commented on Chris saying that he was shy yet fascinating and spoke nothing of his family except mentioning his sister, Carine a few times.  Some background information is also revealed in this chapter.  It is revealed that Chris shared many negative qualities with his father, Walt, which included his stubbornness and "hot-headedness".  In addition, it is revealed that most thought of Chris as remaining celibate for his entire life, stating that there was never any evidence found that he had ever had sexual intercourse.  He is compared in this chapter to Henry David Thoreau in that respect, and several book quotes which were found highlighted in Chris' collection are noted as examples of Chris' transcendental choices.