What is the summary for Chapter 7 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

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Harry is dealing with the stresses of school and looking forward to the weekend. He is awaken by Oliver Wood early on Saturday morning for Quidditch practice. As he heads to the practice, Colin Creavy follows him, and Harry has to explain the rules of Quidditch: there 2 Beaters who have the task of trying to keep the bludgers from knocking people off their brooms. The quaffle is a ball that scores goals, and the fourth ball is the Golden Snitch, which is Harry's job as Seeker, to find it and catch it. If he does so, his team wins the game. As the team practices, Colin snaps pictures, and then the Slytherins show up. Wood asks them to leave, but they have a note from Snape giving them permission. It turns out that Draco is their new seeker. Draco bullies members of the Gryffindor team, and Ron ends up on the bad end of a spell. As Harry and Hermione rush him off to Hagrid, they see Lockhart talking to Hagrid. When the students ask about it, Hagrid insinuates that Lockhart doesn't know what he's doing. Hagrid offers them some refreshments and shows them his garden of pumpkins. When the students return to the school, McGonagall tells Harry that he will be serving his detention with Lockhart. As Harry helps him with his fan mail, he hears a whispering voice talking about killing. Lockhart doesn't hear anything, and the chapter closes with Harry and his friends wondering about what Harry heard.

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