What is the summary for Chapter 7 of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yunior tells us that Oscar was fully prepared for the applause on his final voyage to Santo Domingo.  He parks in front of Ybon's house and steadfastly waits for her.  Oscar professes his love even though he had been hurt by her.  Ybon reciprocates, but also insists that Oscar depart for his own safety.  Oscar refuses to leave and eventually begins writing at La Inca's house, not responding to the “capitan's” horn honks.  For 27 days "he researched-wrote and he chased her," scaring Ybon.  They exchange passionate letters.  Ybon, Lola, La Inca, Beli, and Yunior try to get Oscar to leave, but he professes that "This is my home."  Ybon and Oscar finally meet.  Oscar tries to kiss her, but she refuses by saying, “He’ll kill us.”  Suddenly, Grod and Grundy show up and drive Oscar back to the cane field.  Oscar does not cry, but only imagines the Mongoose this time.  After sending telepathic messages to his many family members, he bravely tells his captors of their wrongdoing, that they were removing a great love from this world, that he had taken a great risk by coming back here, and that he would be seen as a hero and avenger because “anything you can dream . . . you can be).  Oscar is given one last (fake) opportunity to save himself by replying to the request, “Tell us what fuego means in English.”  Oscar blurts out his answer, “unable to help himself.”  It is then that Oscar is killed.

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