What is the summary for Chapter 6 of Rob Roy?

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Frank is introduced to his male cousins. He views the older five as tall, athletic, loud, and unintelligent. Rashleigh, the youngest, is completely different from his brothers. He appears deformed, yet he is told that is merely a habit of walk, since any deformity would prevent his joining the priesthood.

During the dinner, Frank talks with Die, who informs him more about his family. She also tells him that she cannot abide compliments, which puts a damper on the conversation. Yet Frank clearly would like to get to know her better.

Die also tells him that Ashleigh is to leave in a few days, to take Frank’s place in the mercantile business. When Frank’s father had written, asking for one of his nephews to come take Frank’s place, it was obvious that only Ashleigh was educated enough to make a passable clerk. The problem was in how to justify diverting him from the plans for his entering the priesthood. Die relates that it was quickly done, since everyone consulted among the family and servants, would like to see Ashleigh gone, having alienated everyone.

After dinner, drink pours forth freely. Not liking to be in a drunken company, Frank departs to go upstairs. He is followed, however, so he jumps out the window and retreats to the garden.

There he meets the gardener, Andrew Fairservice, a Scotchman. Andrew gives Frank further validation of his views on the family. Andrew gives a vague warning, however, concerning Die.

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