What is the summary for Chapter 6 of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao?

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Oscar moves home after college and teaches at his old high school. The students ridicule him, and Oscar again falls in and out of despair. Oscar experiences a lot during a summer in Santo Domingo, but he considers falling in love with Ybon Pimentel (a middle-aged, semiretired prostitute) to be "the start of his real life." The relationship begins with her smiling and approaching Oscar all on her own. Oscar falls in love with Ybon and begins visiting her every day which upsets Beli and La Inca. With no one to talk to for a long time, Ybon reveals her life to Oscar through pictures and words, but her Domincan boyfriend, "the capitan,"  quickly becomes jealous of Oscar. Oscar refuses to back down, even when bullets hit La Inca's house and even when instinct dictates otherwise. Ybon gives Oscar his first kiss in front of the boyfriend and his minions who drag Oscar, whimpering and frightened, to the cane fields and beat him senseless. Clives, the taxi driver, follows and finds Oscar by heading toward "someone singing." While unconscious, Oscar dreams of the Mongoose who asks him if he wants "More or less?"  Oscar almost asks for less, but then asks for more. When Oscar revives, he asks for Ybon (who insists they not see each other) and admits that the fuku curse might be true. Back in New Jersey, Oscar dreams about the cane, only this time he finds himself listening instead of running.

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