What is the summary for Chapter 5 of Twilight?

Expert Answers
jessecreations eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the cafeteria the next day, Bella is surprised to see Edward sitting alone, and even more surprised when he motions for her to join him.  Explaining, he tells Bella that he may as well go all the way, if he’s going to Hell anyway.  As they talk, Edward tries to figure out what Bella is thinking, and Bella tries to figure out what Edward is.  He persuades her to give him a theory, and she says he may have been bitten by a radioactive spider.  After reassuring her that he does not possess any of the typical super-hero qualities, he asks her if she has considered that he might be the villain instead.  She agrees that he may be dangerous, but refuses to believe that he is a bad person.  He tells her she is wrong about that.

Edward ditches Biology, and Bella goes.  When she gets to class and sees that they are doing a blood-typing lab, she starts to faint.  Mike offers to take her to the nurse; once outside, they run into Edward, who takes her to the nurse and sends Mike to class.  Bella dreads going to gym, so Edward sweet-talks the nurse into letting him take Bella home. 

Dropping her off at home, Edward makes Bella promise to try to be safe during her trip to the beach.

slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The rest of the day passes by in a blur for Bella. When she arrives at the cafeteria for lunch, she finds Edward sitting by himself, saving her a seat. He engages her in a cryptic conversation about how she should be careful being friends with him. She remarks, “I’m trying to figure out what you are.” He gets her to share one theory, so she resorts to superhero clichés. This prompts him to ask her, “What if I’m not a superhero? What if I’m the bad guy?” Bella cannot bring herself to believe that he is bad.

Then it is time for class, and Edward tells her that he’s cutting. She goes on to Biology alone, only to find that they are pricking their fingers to determine bloodtype, and she instantly feels faint. Mike takes her to the nurse but they are intercepted by Edward, who is concerned. When Bella leaves the nurse’s office, Mike asks her to go to LaPush beach with a group of friends that weekend, and she agrees. Bella extends the invitation to Edward, but he refuses. Edward takes her home, and they converse about musical tastes and their families. As he drops her off, he makes Bella promise to be careful over the weekend.