What is the summary for Chapter 5 of Rob Roy?

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Frank reaches his ancestral home just as a foxhunt crosses his path, followed by several riders. He assumes that these are his cousins, and frets over what their opinion of him will be, since he has little or no knowledge of rural hunting. Suddenly he spots another rider, a young woman. Her beauty catches his eye and, under pretext of helping her, as her horse appears to stumble, he follows her.

A horn announces the hunt has ended with the capture of the fox. The young lady approaches one of the hunters and has a whispered conversation, appearing to try to induce something from him. He refuses and so she introduces herself to Frank as Die (Diana) Vernon. Upon learning that he is Francis Osbaldistone whom they have been waiting for, she introduces him to his cousin Thorncliff Osbaldistone.

The hunting party returns to Osbaldistone Hall. On the way, Die and Frank discuss the differing views on the Catholic Church. Die also tells Frank about Rashleigh, his youngest cousin, who has been trained for the priesthood, but doesn’t seem in a hurry to take orders. Die leaves Frank holding her horse’s reins until a groomsman can come to take the horse to the stable. On entering the hall, Frank surveys the trophies of the hunt that ornament the walls. Again he feels inadequate in this new branch of his family.

The servants arrive to prepare the table for a feast. With much bustle, Frank’s uncle (Sir Hildebrand Osbaldistone), cousins, and others arrive in the dining hall.

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