What is the summary for Chapter 5 of Into the Wild?

Expert Answers
dneshan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chris enters Bullhead City, Colorado in early October of 1991.  The town is described as a place that is full of tourist traps and strip malls.  Although described as a place that one would not expect Chris to visit or stay for very long, he actually enjoyed his stay in this town – staying there for two consecutive months, even considering staying there for longer.  During his stay Chris got a job working at a local McDonalds, giving his real name on the application, and even opened up an account at a local bank. Described by those he knew there as a hard working and dependable person, Chris had to be reminded and forced by his manager to wear socks to work on a daily basis.  Also during this time period that he met a man named Charlie who instructed him to live in a trailer that he had not been using instead of living out of his backpack and on the streets.  Upon leaving, he went to live in “The Slabs”, a hippie community where Jan and her boyfriend lived.  There he lived with Jan and Bob in their trailer.  All of the people that Chris came in contact with during this time, including a 17-year old girl who had a crush on him, described him as enjoying himself and having a good time during his stay.  Nevertheless, after a few weeks Chris decided to leave The Slabs as well and make his way closer to his Alaskan adventure.