What is the summary for Chapter 4 of Twilight?

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Bella has a dream in which she chases Edward through the dark, but cannot catch him. During Biology class, Edward sits as far from her as he can and occasionally seems to clench his jaw and fists.  She thinks he regrets saving her life, and tries unsuccessfully to talk to him.  He does not speak to her, but every day she watches him, noticing that his eyes seem to grow darker and darker.  She continues to dream about him as well.
After class, Edward talks to Bella, and she confronts him about his cold behavior toward her in the past few weeks.  He explains that if they stay away from each other it will be better for her, but Bella accuses him of regretting saving her life.  This upsets him and he leaves without another word.

After school, Eric asks Bella to the dance, and she tells him she can’t go.  Once she gets to the parking lot, Edward blocks her exit; and during this momentary pause in traffic, Tyler asks Bella to the dance.  Bella declines and then notices that Edward is laughing at her in his rear-view mirror.  
The next day at school, Edward asks Bella if she would like for him to drive her to Seattle. He says it would be more prudent for Bella to stay away from him, but he is tired of avoiding her. 

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When Bella returns to school, she is the center of attention of every student except for Edward, who is back to avoiding her. Her friends are excited about a spring dance, and several boys at the school begin asking her to the dance. Mike asks her in Biology class, as Edward sits by. After class Edward speaks to her again, telling her, “It’s better if we’re not friends.” As she leaves school, another boy, Eric, asks her to the dance, followed by Tyler, who also asks her. She tells the boys she won’t be in town that weekend because she’s going to Seattle. All evening at home, she worries about Edward’s attitude towards her and wonders what it means. But the next morning at school he approaches her and asks if he can accompany Bella to Seattle the weekend of the dance. Questioning him as to why he is talking to her again, he responds, “It would be more prudent for you not to be my friend…But I’m tired of trying to stay away from you, Bella.” She agrees to go to Seattle with him, and he leaves with a final warning, that Bella should stay away from him.

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