What is the summary for Chapter 4 of Rob Roy?

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Frank and his fellow traveler arrive at Darlington, in Durham. They take advantage of the old English custom of innkeepers hosting travelers to dinner, without charge.

Among the other guests is a Scotchman, by the name Rob Campbell. This is the first acquaintance Frank has made with a Scotchman, and the first time he has even heard one speak. His father tried to pass on his own prejudices to Frank concerning the Scots, but Frank decides in this case to hold his judgment.

The company sits down to dinner, with Frank’s fellow traveler sitting on his portmanteau instead of a chair. The innkeeper (Jonathan Brown) tells his guests that Mr. Campbell personally defended himself from two highway robbers. Frank’s traveler is quite impressed and requests that Mr. Campbell allow him to accompany him on his trip north.

Mr. Campbell declines, stating that he has personal business in Rothbury, which is out of the traveler’s way. Yet the traveler insists that it will be no problem for him to go to Rothbury, as long as he could accompany Mr. Campbell.

Campbell, clearly irritated at the persistence of the traveler, again declines to allow the man to join him. After dinner, Campbell warns Frank that he should tell his friend to be more wary to whom he communicates his business and his direction. When Frank informs him that he is no friend of his, Campbell wishes him good journey and leaves. In the morning, Frank proceeds on his journey, thankfully without his fellow traveler.

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