What is the summary for Chapter 4 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

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Chapter 4: At Flourish and Blotts

Everyone gets a book list from Hogwarts, and Ron has a letter from Hermione suggesting they meet in Diagon Alley. Ron’s older brother Percy – a Hogwart’s prefect and ace student – joins them for breakfast but acts aloof.  The Weasley boys worry if their parents can afford the books and everything for Ginny’s first year at Hogwarts, and Harry thinks privately about all the wizard gold his parents left for him at Gringotts bank.

To get to Diagon Alley, Harry is introduced to floo powder. Sprinkle it on the fire, step in and say where you’re going. Harry chokes on ash, spins very fast, is deafened by a loud roar, and finally falls out into a wizard’s shop devoted to the Dark Arts. Harry starts to leave, but hides when he sees Draco Malfoy coming. Draco’s father Lucius arranges to sell some poisons he’s concerned the Ministry might find if they raid his house. Harry is rescued from a dodgy witch in the alley by Hagrid and then meets up with Hermione and the Weasleys.

They get money from the bank, and the Weasleys need every coin just to buy used stuff. At the bookstore Gilderoy Lockhart, a vain celebrity wizard, is signing his books. He drags Harry up for a press photo, then announces that he will be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. Draco taunts Harry, and then Lucius Malfoy taunts Arthur Weasley. The adults get in a fight which Hagrid breaks up.

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