The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Questions and Answers
by Junot Diaz

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What is the summary for Chapter 4 of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao?

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With feelings for Lola at Rutgers, a weight lifter and playboy friend of hers decides to be Oscar’s roommate, and Oscar calls him “Yunior.”  Oscar writes books, plays his games, and continues to ogle girls, often complaining that he will die a virgin.  Yunior tries to “fix” Oscar by getting him to diet, exercise, and think positive.  When Oscar gives up, Yunior takes it personally, shoves Oscar, and ruins his relationship with Lola in the process.  Oscar reverts and earns the nickname "Oscar Wao" as a play on "Oscar Wilde" because Yunior decides to mock his love for Science Fiction.  Oscar falls in love with a goth named Jenni who is otherwise known as La Jablesse.  As a result of Oscar's persistence, they begin hanging out together.  Love transforms Oscar who takes better care of himself and exercises all on his own.  When Oscar catches her with someone, Oscar falls into despair, stops writing, and eventually downs three bottles of Cisco.  Oscar attempts suicide (because of the curse) on the New Brunswick train bridge.  Aided by the "Golden Mongoose," Oscar misses the road and lands on a soft garden divider.  This leaves him broken, but alive.  He recovers and begins writing again, looking better than he ever has in his life.  With renewed interest in Lola, Yunior moves back in with Oscar who still contemplates suicide but ends up taking midnight drives instead.

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