What is the summary for Chapter 39 of Rob Roy?

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After a troubled sleep, Frank awakens to hear someone pounding on the gate, demanding entrance in the king’s name. He races to warn and protect Diana and her father.

It is Jobson at the door, with a warrant to arrest Diana and Sir Frederick, as well as Frank himself (charged with treason). In order to buy time for Diana and her father’s escape, Frank surrenders himself as a prisoner. Soon Rashleigh enters, with Sir Frederick and Diana as his prisoners. Syddall and Andrew are driven from the premises. Andrew is surprised when he runs into a group of Highlanders, who question him about the goings-on at the Hall. Soon they see Jobson and his prisoners drive away in a carriage. The carriage is ambushed, and Rob Roy stabs Rashleigh and releases the prisoners. Rob Roy, Sir Frederick, and Diana then depart, and Frank returns to Osbaldistone Hall.

Rashleigh is carried into the Hall, dying. With his dying breath, he reiterates his hatred for Frank.

Frank eventually hears from Diana from her exile in France. Her father is dying, and she herself is to go into the convent. Her father, however, has left the decision entirely to her. With his father’s blessing, Frank goes in search for Diana and makes her his wife. They lived long, happy lives until Diana’s death.

Frank in later years visited Scotland often, but never again saw Rob Roy. He hears tales of his continued fight against his enemies, until his death of old age in 1733.

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