What is the summary for Chapter 38 of Rob Roy?

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Frank arrives at Osbaldistone Hall, only to find it deserted and almost dilapidated. He is saddened to see it this way, compared to what it had been when his uncle, cousins, and Diana lived there. The butler, Anthony Syddall, is reluctant to admit them. When Andrew threatened to get the constable, Syddall opens the house to them. Frank takes possession of the library and examines the finances and assets of the estate.

As Frank relaxes in the library as the twilight falls, Diana and her father appear before him unexpectedly.

Sir Frederick Vernon asks for refuge from Frank at Osbaldistone Hall, until they can continue on their dangerous journey. Andrew brings candles, but Frank hurriedly shuts the door to prevent the two guests being seen.

Sir Frederick speaks of his suspicions concerning Rashleigh, and he had let Rashleigh know his true feelings, caused by his treatment of his daughter, at their last meeting. He tells of his escape with Diana as their allies began to diminish from the fight. Unable to reach exile, they made their way back to Osbaldistone Hall, hoping to count of Syddall’s hospitality. He tells Frank of the hardships Diana has faced, worthy of any martyr. He completely dedicates her to God.

Frank begs them to stay at Osbaldistone Hall, in payment for all that Sir Frederick has done for them, besides Frank’s feelings for Diana. However, Sir Frederick begs simply to be given room to sleep until they can continue on their journey into exile.

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