What is the summary for Chapter 37 of Rob Roy?

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Andrew brings news that the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715 has begun, and Rob Roy and his troops are on their way to Glasgow. Frank is more upset at the thought that Diana is married to a man involved in this dangerous adventure.

Frank and his father plan to return to London as quickly as possible. Frank plans to offer his services to the English government.

On their return. Mr. Osbaldistone meets with other merchants to form a group planning to support those banks who will support the government, thus preventing the Jacobites from obtaining a line of credit. Rank obtains a commission, with two hundred troops, and joins the army.

The rebellion has reached England. Frank learns that his uncle, Sir Hildebrand, has joined the Jacobites. He has made his will, disinheriting Rashleigh, and making Frank among his heirs after his other sons.

Frank’s cousins die in the rebellion, leaving Sir Hildebrand heartbroken. Frank obtains leave from the army to attend to his uncle. Sir Hildebrand dies a broken man, making Frank the sole heir of the Osbaldistone estate.

Rashleigh brings suit to challenge the will. However, Frank goes to Osbaldistone Hall, at his father’s instruction, to take charge of the estate as the legal heir, accompanied by Andrew.

Frank visits Mr. Inglewood, where he learns that Diana is not married to His Excellency, because His Excellency is in fact her father, Sir Frederick Vernon, disguised as Father Vaughan.

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