What is the summary for Chapter 36 of Rob Roy?

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The company arrives at Loch Lomond, where the clan MacGregor (to which Rob Roy belongs) holds sway. They part company, with Rob Roy remaining behind, and Frank and Mr. Jarvie rowing across the lake.

They are met on the other side by Dougal. Jarvie in appreciation suggests that Dougal return with him to Glasgow to work in a warehouse, to which Dougal declines. Frank learns that Dougal had originally come to Glasgow as a prisoner, but found favor with the jailer and rose in the ranks.

Jarvie and Frank then proceed on horseback to Glasgow. While Frank would like to discuss the natural beauty around him, Jarvie does not fully appreciate it. They arrive at Glasgow the next day, Jarvie going to his home and Frank returning to his lodgings, where he is met by Andrew. He leads Frank up to his room, where he finds Owen and his father. Mr. Osbaldistone tries to retain his dignity, but dissolves into tears at the sight of his son safely returned.

Mr. Osbaldistone had returned from Holland and set out for Scotland to find Rashleigh. MacVittie and company are shocked to find him there, financially stable, contrary to their plans. Mr. Osbaldistone severs all connection with their firm. He learns of Frank’s welfare from Andrew, who had been released and sent back. Mr. Osbaldistone then planned to set out to find Frank, when he returned. The next day he visits Jarvie to express his gratitude.

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