What is the summary for Chapter 35 of Rob Roy?

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Rob Roy remarks on Frank’s abstinence from drinking. He states that if he had been abstinent in the past, he would not have been caught in a duel with Rashleigh. Frank responds that he has been imprudent in more serious ways.

Rob Roy switches the conversation to the fact that he has been branded an outlaw. He reveals his anger and bitterness, and vows vengeance. He is most concerned about the future of his sons. When Frank kindly suggests to use his father’s influence to procure a position for them in the foreign service, Rob Roy is touched and yet regains control of his emotions. The two then turn in for the night.

In the morning, the company departs from the inn. Conversation again turns to Rob Roy’s sons and their future. However, he says that with the arrival of His Excellency, things may be about to change. He states that Rashleigh’s intrigues also included the plot to capture him, as well as His Excellency. Rob Roy now states that he would be glad to capture Rashleigh to stop all his treachery. While he is still touched by Frank’s offer concerning his sons, he knows that the time has come to rally all the Scots to fight against the English, probably a prolonged civil war.

The company joins another group of Highlanders, which includes Helen. She welcomes them all and invites them to join in a meal. Before she bids them good-bye, she gives Frank a ring from Diana. He now knows that she loves him, but that they are parted forever.

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