What is the summary for Chapter 34 of Rob Roy?

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Frank continues on his way, still grieving for the loss of Diana. He is overtaken by Rob Roy, who had also escaped from capture. Frank tells him of meeting Diana and her companion. Rob Roy tells him that her companion is “His Excellency,” and she is now under his “lawful authority.” Frank interprets this to mean that she is now married, and that she is lost forever.
Rob Roy informs Frank that His Excellency had been living in Osbaldistone Hall, within Diana’s chambers. Frank now understands whose light he saw in the library window. Yet Rob Roy tells him no other information about this person.

Frank also tells Rob Roy about the death of Morris. This news disturbs Rob Roy, who does not like to see outright murder. It is one more crime to hold against the English.

The two return to the inn, where Frank looks for Diana, but discovers only Jarvie. Jarvie suggest to Rob Roy that, since he is too old to reform, his two sons should go into apprentice to a weaver. At first Rob Roy is furious, but eventually decides to humor Jarvie, at least to avoid an argument. He then returns Jarvie’s money that was taken from him. He also informs him that his cousin (and Rob Roy’s wife) Helen and their two sons will be absent, because they are with Diana and her companion.

At last the party goes to bed, though Frank is still numb from the news concerning Diana, and sits up to talk to Rob Roy.

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