What is the summary for Chapter 33 of Rob Roy?

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The troop splits into two companies, one returning to quarters, the other taking Rob Roy and Frank into custody. Rob Roy is carried on the back of the horse with a guard, Ewan. On the road, Rob Roy mentions that Ewan’s father would never have done this kind of thing.

When they are crossing a river, Frank hears a splash. Ewan has released Rob Roy’s bonds, and the latter has slipped off the horse into the water and escapes. Great confusion breaks out as the soldiers try to recapture the prisoner. Frank over hears some soldiers, separated from the Duke’s presence, mention that it was due to Frank’s assistance that Rob Roy escaped. Fearing for his life, Frank slips off into the brush and escapes as well. He contemplates pleading to the Duke for protection, but in the end decides to return to the inn, knowing that he would not suffer at the hands of any Highlanders once he told them of Rob Roy’s escape.

Frank begins to return to the inn in the dark, fairly oblivious to his surroundings, when he is overtaken by two horsemen. They stop him and question him. He stubbornly refuses to tell them who he is or what his business is, other than where he is going. One of the horsemen addresses him by name, and reveals herself as Diana Vernon.

Diana returns to Frank his father’s packet of bills, which will prevent him the financial hardship that he feared. She also tells him good-bye, forever. They share a tender embrace, and she is gone.

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