What is the summary for Chapter 31 of Rob Roy?

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The Scotsmen, in their victory, now turn to the prisoners of the English soldiers. First they order Andrew down from the cliff where he had been hiding. He joins Frank and Jarvie. Jarvie pleads for his freedom from Helen Campbell on the basis of being related. Helen, however, is unimpressed by so distant a relation, especially since it is deemed useful in Jarvie’s own freedom, while the freedom of Scotland is held cheap. The three are about to be thrown over the cliff into the lake when the sound of bagpipes is heard. It is a signal of approaching friends.

The friends turn out to be Rob Roy’s two sons, who report that their father has been taken hostage by another band of English soldiers. The soldiers exchange an Englishman for a hostage, and sent the sons back to their mother.

Helen is not impressed with her sons’ actions, believing that they should have stayed with their father. She calls for the hostage, and it turns out to be Morris.

Morris is tied with a heavy stone. He pleads for his life, as does Frank in his behalf, though he himself is about to share the same fate. Franks pleas, as well as Morris’s, are ignored. Morris says he is simply the agent of Rashleigh. Helen, however, is without mercy and commands that he be thrown into the lake, which he is and thus drowns.

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