East of Eden Questions and Answers
by John Steinbeck

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What is the summary for Chapter 31 of East of Eden?

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Adam decides to go in person to inform Cathy of her inheritance. Cathy is incredulous and suspects that Adam has ulterior motives, not the least of which, she charges, is to get her run out of town. She simply cannot believe that Adam would be so generous and prefers to think of him as naïve and stupid.  Adam, however, is not at all invested in what she does or does not think of him.  He had a message to deliver and he did so.

Before he leaves, however, Adam does have one thing to say to Cathy.  He tells her that what she cannot see is goodness in people, that despite the fact that all men have some dark place, they all also have good places.  It is a part of her that is “missing,” and makes her only “part human.”

On his way back to the ranch, Adam stops in to call on Olive Steinbeck and her family.  Liza, Samuel’s widow, is living with them. Will is concerned about Tom, who still lives on the old Hamilton ranch.  Adam says he will check up on him.   Liza says Dessie may go live with  Tom.  Will is set against it.

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