What is the summary for Chapter 3 of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

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cburr eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 3 – The Burrow

Ron and his brothers Fred and George are hovering outside Harry’s window in an enchanted old car.  This doesn’t violate the no underage magic rule, since Ron’s Dad is the one who enchanted the car.  Fred yanks the bars from Harry’s window using the car, and George picks the lock on Harry’s door so they can get his trunk.  They’re about to leave when Harry remembers Hedwig.  He leaps back into the room just as Uncle Vernon storms in, and Harry barely manages to escape.

Harry tells them about Dobby.  Fred thinks the whole thing is a nasty practical joke, and Harry says it could be his rival Draco Malfoy. George says Draco’s father, Lucius, was a big supporter of ‘You-Know-Who’.

Harry learns that Ron’s Dad’s job at the Ministry of Magic is to take charms off of Muggle-made things – which is ironic since his hobby is to enchant Muggle stuff.

They arrive at Ron’s jumbled old house – the Burrow.  They hope to sneak in, but Mrs. Weasley comes out and yells at them.  This is Harry’s first visit to a wizard house, and he loves all the cool and bizarre things.  Ron’s little sister Ginny is awestruck by Harry.

Mrs. Weasley sends them outside to de-gnome the garden – after consulting a magical guide to household pests, complete with a moving photo of the author.  The trick is to swing them in the air and throw them as far as you can over the hedge. 

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