What is the summary for Chapter 29 of Rob Roy?

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When Frank reads the note the landlady gives him, he discovers that it is from Campbell, warning him not to mix with any of the other patrons at the public house (one of whom is the jailer from the Glasgow prison). He says that the landlady (who is his kinswoman) will guide Frank and his companions to a place of safety where Campbell will meet them.

Frank finds Andrew hidden in the stable. Andrew warns him under no circumstance to continue, for they are entering Rob Roy country. If Frank does decide to go on, Andrew continues, he will not go with him.

When Frank re-enters the public house, he finds Jarvie in an argument with the other guests over the character of Campbell. The disagreement continues until the dinner is served.

Two English soldiers enter the public house, stating that they are on the lookout for two travelers, a young man and an old man. Noticing Frank and Jarvie, the soldiers ask for their names. On hearing Frank’s name, they declare that they will surely have to detain them for questioning and demand all papers on their persons. On reading the note from Campbell, the soldiers declare them under arrest for consorting with the enemy. Andrew testifies that Frank has indeed been in contact with Campbell and should be arrested, as well as Jarvie. The soldiers state that they will leave in the morning. The guests leave, with the soldiers and their detainees remaining.

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