East of Eden Questions and Answers
by John Steinbeck

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What is the summary for Chapter 29 of East of Eden?

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Adam is impatient for an answer from Charles about whether he will come to California to visit. His wait is made a bit more tolerable, however, by the delivery of his new Ford by Will Hamilton. Will dislikes Fords but they are making him a lot of money so he acts enthusiastic for his buyers.

Will is not mechanically inclined, however, and his attempts to explain the complicated start-process of the new Ford are confusing to Adam and Lee.  Will says he will send someone the next day who can better teach the men about the car.

The boys are beside themselves with excitement.  Adam does not even try to send them to school the following day.  A boy not much older than the twins arrives to teach them the basics.  “Jus’ call me Joe,” he says, over and over.  It is clear that “Joe” enjoys his position of authority over much older men who must rely on him. Over and over, Adam, Lee, and the twins repeat the mantra:  “Switch to Bat; Crank to compression, thumb down; Easy over – choke out; Spin her; Spark down, gas up; Switch to Mag.”

The boys are in awe of Joe’s expertise.  They try to imitate his speech and mannerisms. They are a bit shocked when “Joe’s” employer arrives and addresses him as “Roy.”  It takes a bit of the air out of “Joe.”  He tries to regain a little of that luster by commanding that Adam read the car’s manual.

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