What is the summary for Chapter 28 of Rob Roy?

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The party crosses the river Forth, which is the unofficial boundary between the Lowlands and the Highlands. The people of this vicinity seem none too hospitable to the travelers. At the public house is the sign of the peeled willow wand, which signifies that no fights are to be undertaken due to the meeting of the patrons currently inside.

The travelers ask for room and the public house, but the landlady tells them that there is no room and no proper food for them. Frank, however, will not take no for an answer and insists that they be served and housed. Much offended, the landlady allows them to enter.

There are several native guests in resident. They do not take kindly to the intrusion of outsiders, and let the travelers know so. Finally, the landlady senses a quarrel about to begin, so she requests the travelers to leave. Frank, however, will not leave quietly and stands, prepared to defend himself.

A sword fight ensues, though Andrew escapes outside. The natives, after considerable swordplay, decide that the travelers are men of honor, and invite them to sit back down and make themselves at home.

After the meal has commenced, Frank wonders where Andrew has gone. He asks the landlady to direct him to the stables, but she will not go with him, out of superstitious fear. Before Frank leaves, she slips him a piece of paper, saying she is glad to be rid of it.

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