What is the summary for Chapter 27 of Rob Roy?

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Michael Foster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Frank, Jarvie, and Andrew prepare to leave for the highlands. However, Andrew has sold his horse for a lame one, which will not do for the journey. With much arguing, Andrew is finally persuaded to go and re-buy the other horse.

The journey progresses through increasingly bleaker landscape. The scattered houses finally disappear altogether. Jarvie gives Frank some information about the land they are passing through. Frank also tries to pry more information out of Jarvie concerning Campbell, but he will not discuss the matter in Andrew’s presence. Jarvie had taken a strong dislike to Andrew, and the feeling is mutual. They have a tendency to bicker the entire journey.

After stopping for the noonday meal at an inn, the party continues up into the highlands, with which Frank is more impressed. He would like to stop and explore some of the area, but their mission does not allow this. Jarvie tells Frank the names of some of mountains and other sites.

Andrew continues to plague Jarvie (and thus irritate Frank) until Frank threatens to send him back to Glasgow. Andrew thinks this might be a fine idea, until Frank informs him that he will not pay him for any of his past services if he does so. Andrew then thinks it is wisest to stop talking, and the journey continues in peace.

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