What is the summary for Chapter 25 of Rob Roy?

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Frank decides to take Jarvie’s advice and go up to the college, just to have time to reflect on his situation. As he is walking around the grounds, he spies three gentlemen walking towards him. He recognizes the middle one as Rashleigh. As they pass, he sees that the other two are Mr. Morris and Mr. MacVittie. Realizing that all three are in the plot together, he waits to confront Rashleigh alone.

Frank confronts Rashleigh, who affects not to be surprised or caught off guard at the son of the man he is cheating. Instead, he taunts Frank for not knowing anything about his business, let alone if he is cheating his father or not, since he has his nose buried in books all the time.

Frank challenges Rashleigh to a duel. Rashleigh accepts, and suggests that they go to a more secluded location.

Though Frank views this as an affair of honor, it becomes clear to him that Rashleigh is treating it as a fight to the death. When Rashleigh just barely misses stabbing him in the side, Frank takes the advantage and almost kills Rashleigh when the two duelists are separated by Campbell.

Campbell berates them both for their behavior, though he is more sympathetic to Frank. Rashleigh, who calls Campbell "MacGregor," is insistent that he is the innocent party. With difficulty, Campbell convinces them to give up the duel, and Rashleigh departs. With a parting warning, Campbell leaves as well. Frank stops by an apothecary to get his wounded treated.

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