What is the summary for Chapter 25 of The Blithedale Romance?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Having come unexpectedly upon Priscilla, Hollingsworth, and Zenobia at the base of Eliot's pulpit, Coverdale senses that they have just had a scene, and that he is an intruder.  He tactfully suggests that he will go to the house and see them later, but Zenobia half-laughingly says that she has "been on trial for (her) life" and would like to have her case reheard before him.  Coverdale doesn't know what has transpired, but he can see that "Zenobia and Hollingsworth (are) friends no longer".

In Coverdale's presence, Zenobia asks Hollingsworth if he had supposed her to be wealthy, to which he replies in the affirmative.  Zenobia reveals that she had thought she was wealthy too, and although she may not be now, had been willing to give her fortune to him with no strings attached so he could achieve his dream.  She then asks Hollingsworth if he loves Priscilla, to which he also answers affirmatively.  Zenobia then exclaims that his fault is greater in God's eyes, because she is but a woman, "passionate" and "foolish", but he as a man disguises his feelings with self-deception, "stifl(ing) down (his) inmost consciousness...(doing) deadly wrong to (his) own heart".

Hollingsworth, stung, calls to Priscilla to come, but she kneels instead to Zenobia and gasps, "we are sisters".  Zenobia knows that indeed they "had one father", and the two make amends.  Priscilla then leaves with Hollingsworth, and when they are gone, Zenobia weeps "convulsively", her sobbing having "nothing to do with tears" (Chapter 25).