What is the summary for Chapter 24 of Rob Roy?

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The next morning Frank discovers that Andrew had plans to have the town crier go through the streets, asking for the return of the "unfortunate young gentleman," as he calls Frank. Frank is furious at this interference in his affairs, and calls on Andrew to settle accounts. Frank pays him a third above what Andrew asks, who is afraid that Frank is angry with him. Andrew then lets it be know that he assumed Frank would give him a regular position, instead of just a post as a temporary guide. Knowing that Andrew is manipulating him, and also aware of how irritating the gardener can be, Frank still asks him to stay as his domestic servant and guide around Scotland.

Frank dines with Mr. Jarvie, and he asks him more about Campbell. Jarvie states that he knows little about him since Campbell took up the cattle business. He declares him to be a Highland gentleman of rank, of Highland habits and dress, but he is unsure about his financial status. Jarvie quickly changes the subject to deal with Frank’s father’s business.

Jarvie warns Frank that there may be considerable losses, but he gives several courses of action that Owen may undertake.

With that, Jarvie seems to want to get rid of Frank quickly, and suggest he go up to the college where he will find other educated gentlemen like himself. However, he tempers his curt dismissal with a heartfelt invitation to return for the mid-day meal.

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