What is the summary for Chapter 23 of Twilight?

Expert Answers
slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bella believes she is dead as she hears Edward’s angelic voice crying out. But then a great pain breaks through her dreamlike state, and she hears Carlisle’s voice listing her maladies: she has a head wound, a broken leg, and some broken ribs. Bella feels a far worse pain, though, in her hand, and brings it to a frantic Edward’s attention. Edward realizes James has bit her, and the only option is to suck the venom out or let it spread, turning Bella into a vampire. Edward doesn’t know if he can suck out the venom without killing her, as Bella’s blood is so appealing to him. In a state of panic, he begins sucking the venom, and Bella’s pain subsides. He manages to stop before draining her, and in a very relieved voice professes his love and promises to stay with her. Before she loses consciousness Carlisle asks where her mother is and she tells him that James had tricked them, and also tells Alice to watch the video to find out where she came from before she became a vampire. Then, safe in Edward’s cold arms, Bella drifts off.